What’s new in Firenado

November 12, 2017

We are pleased to announce the release of Firenado

With this release we added the idea of url root path to the application.

By default the url root path will be set as / and that is ideal for applications that runs over the url root (ie. http://example.com). If an application isn’t located at the root of the domain (ie. http://example.com/my/app/address) we should change the url root path to /my/app/adress.

The configuration is set in the firenado.yml:

  url_root_path: "my/app/address"

A method on the request and an ui module were added to help build links regarding the url root path configuration:

On the request:


On a template:

{% module RootedPath('/an_url_path') %}

Both will return <url_root_path>/an_url_path.

It is possible to set the time to wait before the shutdown by a configuration item.

A new toolbox component was added with a full pagination functionality.

Also a shortcut to the firenado project command as added. Here is an example:

firenado proj init

A bug fix made possible to run firenado on windows. The skell application is running without problems after the fix.

Here are the highlights:

New Features

  • Added url_root_path to the app config. #160
  • New toolbox component. #161
  • Added pagination to the toolbox component. #170
  • New wait_before_shutdown configuration item. #178
  • Added shortcut proj to the firenado project command. #179

Bug Fixes

  • Adding sinal handler for SIGTSTP will break application start on windows. #181