What’s new in Firenado 0.2.8

Mar 27, 2021

We are pleased to announce the release of Firenado 0.2.8.

Removed six from the project directly. Some other packages(like croniter) may depend on six but our logic is tied to python 3 at this point. It was also removed import from __future__ as python 2.7 support was removed.

The dynamic configuration is being handled by cartola.config and logging from scheduler level was changed to debug instead of info.

As sqlalchemy was changed to 1.4.3 we added the future parameter to the data source configuration to make it possible port application to the 2.0 style.

Here are the highlights:

New Features

  • Add future parameter to the sqlalchemy data source data feature. #354


  • Remove six from the project refactory. #352
  • Handle dinamic configuration from yaml files using cartola.config. #355
  • Change logging from in the schedule to debug instead of info. #356