What’s new in Firenado

Dec 25, 2019

We are pleased to announce the release of Firenado

Last Firenado supporting python 2.7 in the main development we will move Tornado 5.x codebase to a legacy state and only fixing bugs if needed.

Next release we’re moving to Tornado 6.x.

We added an extra options to install all extra dependencies and random string and uuid commands to the command line program.

We fixed bugs with processes launcher and added interface to send lines to the process running.

Here are the highlights:

New Features

  • Add to setup.py an extra option to install all extras. #280
  • Random string and uuid command line tasks #284. #284

Bug Fixes

  • ProcessLauncher logfile parameter assignment overrides socket. #279
  • Control ProcessLauncher shutdown properly. #281


  • Async timeout example. #283